Privacy Statement

What happens to my personal information when I submit it to Vaccine Fairy?


At Vaccine Fairy, we value your privacy. For this reason, only our administrative team has access to the database that our intake form feeds to. When we assign your request to a volunteer, that volunteer will be the only one who has access to your record. This information is shared through secure channels (not email) and our volunteers all sign an agreement that they will DELETE AND DESTROY any data shared with them. 


Your information will never be sold or shared with another entity for purposes beyond making a vaccination appointment.

All volunteers are vetted and anyone we have doubts about is rejected. ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE MANDATED TO SIGN PRIVACY AGREEMENTS with their volunteer application. This statement affirms that they will not utilize your private information for any other purpose than to book an appointment for a COVID19 Vaccination. They also agree to delete all information from their machines after a booking is complete.

Vaccine Fairy reserves the right to retain records of completed requests to prevent duplicate submissions and to analyze non-identifiable information such as gender, race, and ethnicity. After four weeks, all personally identifiable information is deleted and we retain only non-identifiable information for internal data analysis.

Thank you and stay well. -The Vaccine Fairy Team

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